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FrankenPOPs - Scary Easy and Fun to Make!

Introducing... FrankenPOP with Whole Fruit ® Fruit Bars!

Did you know that there is a holiday dedicated just to Frankenstein?

It's Frankenstein Friday and it is celebrated on the last Friday in October.

Celebrate with these scary fun Frankenstein popsicles and have some family fun bonding time as well. We had a blast making them!


  1. Whole Fruit ® Fruit Bars Lime Flavor (Found at Publix)

  2. Chocolate Kisses - 2 per popsicle (Found at Publix)

  3. Edible Eyes - 2 per popsicle (Found at Target)

  4. Toothpicks with two pointy edges - 1 per popsicle (Found on Amazon)

  5. Black Icing - (Found at Publix)



Gather Ingredients and give your child a plate to make the Frankenstein popsicle.

  1. With the popsicle on a plate, open the black icing and have your child paint Frankenstein's hair at the top of the popsicle.

  2. Add black dots of icing where you would like the eyes, then add the edible eyes over the black dots to adhere.

  3. Draw Frankenstein's mouth. You can use the toothpicks to move the icing around to make it look more like stitches if you would like.

  4. Break the very ends of the toothpicks and stick them into the bottom of the chocolate kisses. Then stick into the popsicle near the bottom. These are Frankensteins neck bolts!

  5. ENJOY all the smiles, laughter, and delicious treat!

We would love to see your Frankenpops! If you make them share on social media and tag us at #localmombox.

Thank you Whole Fruit ® for sponosring this post.

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