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3 Steps to an Easy Back-to-School Routine for the Family!

1. Talk about Routines- Communication is KEY!

Have a discussion with your spouse and kids about an ideal routine for the family. For instance, begin thinking about what time your kids should be waking up in the morning, going to bed at night, morning routines and bedtime routines. Remember kids between the ages of 3-8 years old should be sleeping on average 10-12 hours every night. Factor in how much time they need in the morning to eat breakfast, get dressed, and ready for school to ensure you will have a not-so rushed morning.

2. Create and Display the Routines- Seeing is believing!

Your child's age will determine how you will want to create and display your morning and evening routines. For younger kids who can not read, you will want to have pictures that show the action of what they should be doing. For instance, if the evening routine begins with bath time, then you can display a picture of a child bathing or you could even take actual photos of your child doing each routine and display it. For older children that are learning how to read, you can display the pictures and the words. Involve your child in creating the family routine! With the routine displayed your child will know what to expect and will be able to follow along.

3. Practice the Routine- Practice makes perfect!

A week before school starts is a great time to start having these conversations and beginning to implement some of these routines. However, it is never too late to implement a routine with the family, even if school has already started. Begin practicing your routine once you have your routine created and displayed. After day one talk with the family about what worked and what didn't. Make changes and adjustments, if needed.

Do you have a smooth Back-to-School routine already in place? If not, feel free to download this activity to easily help you get your morning and evening routines displayed for your family! Share your routines with us. We would love to see.

My Morning and Afternoon Routine Activity Sheets
Download PDF • 2.57MB

We wish you all a wonderful new school year filled with lots of happy memories! 😁

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